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Quick Start

Monica Chat: Assistant on Any Webpage

On any website, you can summon Monica with a simple keystroke—Ctrl+M for Windows or Cmd+M on Mac—or by clicking the Monica icon situated on the right side of your browser or at the top.

Summon Monica

In the pop-up chat window, you can delve into any topic with Monica AI effortlessly.

Chat with Monica

Read: PDFs, Articles, and Images

Easily find the 'Read' function in Monica's navigation. This feature gives Monica the ability to scan and digest text from webpages, URLs, images, PDFs, and screenshots. It distills the key details into a neat summary, setting the stage for thorough discussions with you.

Start with Read

Search: Get Answer in One Go

Simply click on the Monica icon, and head to the search bar. Type in your question, and Monica springs into action, combing through multiple keywords to summarize contents and generating a well-referenced response for you.

Start with Search

Write: Compose at Your Will

In Monica's sleek navigation bar, the 'Write' feature offers two dynamic text creation options: Compose and Reply. Within the Compose module, you can specify the content details, desired length, format, tone, and even the output language. Harnessing these parameters, Monica crafts high-quality documents swiftly for your needs.



Translate: Remove Language Barriers

On the side of your browser, you’ll spot Monica. Right above Monica, there's a feature called Parallel Translation. Just click this button, and Monica will translate the entire page into your desired language, without replacing the original text.

Start with Translate

🎈Tip: In Monica's toolbar, simply hit 'Translate' to effortlessly convert PDFs or any copied text into your preferred language.

Art: Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash the artistry within Monica's interface with a few simple words describing your envisioned scene, and Monica will grasp your concept to create a corresponding digital masterpiece.

Start with Art

🎈Tip: You can upload reference images or configure image settings above the input box.

Quick Action: AI Magic at Your Curser

While browsing any webpage, when you highlight text with your mouse, a 'Quick Actions' toolbar will pop up beneath the selected text. Simply hover over the toolbar to perform various actions on the text, such as translation, grammar checking, content explanation, or expansion.

Start with Quick Action

🎈Tip: Head over to the settings page to personalize your shortcut actions and rearrange their order effortlessly.

Quick Compose: Create in One-Click

Look for the writing icon from Monica in any text field on a webpage. Clicking the icon allows you to dive into quick writing sessions. Monica can swiftly enhance your writing by refining the tone and style of your language.

Start with Quick Compose

Search Enhance: Double Your Search Efficiency

Whenever you're searching online, Monica appears right next to your search engine's results. It scans the page, summarizes the findings, and presents a list of pertinent questions for you to explore with a simple click.

Start with Search Enhance

Video Summary: Get Key Info in 1 Sec, Not 1 Hour

On any YouTube video, you'll find a 'Summarize' button to the right. Monica distills the core content of the video for you, pinpointing the key moments with time stamps.

Start with Video Summary

🎈Tip: Simply click on the timestamp to jump straight to that moment in the video.