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OCR PDF tool is a PDF to text converter based on Optical character recognition technology.

Whether it's converting non-selectable PDFs into searchable, editable formats or making your academic and professional documents more accessible and manageable, Monica OCR PDF converter is here to simplify your work.

Benefits of OCR PDF

🔁 Converts Instantly
Using OCR PDF technology to eliminate manual data entry. Monica serves as a text converter, seamlessly extracting text from scanned documents, and transforming it into editable text within a PDF.
🎓 Efficient Study Material Conversion
Convert scanned PDF study notes into text, making exam preparation more effective and organized.Students and teachers can easily search and edit notes for quick revisions.
☁️ Save File Storage Space
Reduce the storage space needed on devices by converting bulky scanned PDF files into compact text files.Save valuable hard drive and phone space, especially beneficial for users with limited storage.

How to OCR a PDF ?

Upload the scanned pdf files you want to apply OCR for or drop the files into the file box.
Download the ocr scanned pdf to your computer instantly.
If you need to ocr a new pdf file, you can re-upload and Monica will ocr it immediately.


Is there a size limit for uploading PDFs?
Currently, Monica OCR PDF only accepts pdfs with a maximum file size not exceeding 50MB.
What is OCR PDF?
OCR PDF tool is a PDF to text converter based on Optical character recognition technology. Use Monica service to extract text and characters from scanned PDF documents.
Is it possible to OCR image to text?
Yes, you can convert the image to a PDF file first and then OCR it to text.
Is Monica OCR PDF free to use?
Yes, you can get free quotas to use this OCR PDF tool after signing up.

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